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AmigoCollect Part-time developer remote

- Informatica / Tecnologia

AmigoCloud believes that Geospatial Technology should be accessible everywhere by everyone. From the smallest company and town to the the largest cities and global corporations, using AmigoCloud allows them to use geospatial data and technology to make informed decisions. Our goal is to create the most advanced, geospatial platform in the world by leveraging the latest technologies, open data, and industry standards. AmigoCollect, our data collection product, allows our clients to easily and effectively collect and manage everything from pipelines to wildlife. Once the data is collected, it further allows them to integrate their geospatial data into their business intelligence and analytics. AmigoPlatform, our enterprise product, can be used to create custom geospatial applications for our clients. Utilizing our API's and the AmigoPlatform, our users can quickly and efficiently create business specific geospatial applications tailored to their individual business needs.

Job requirements

There are three values expected from our team: Communicating, Being Smart, and Getting Things Done.
AmigoCloud is geographically distributed, with people in various time-zones and countries. As such, communication is essential to our success. Therefore, fluent written and spoken English is required. It is the common language used by everyone. It is used to conduct meetings, write documentation, comment source code,..,everything. We also use technology to stay connected to each other. Showing up for daily scrums, being online while working, keeping calendars up to date, and informing people when you will be out are all basic skills that every employee needs.
Working at AmigoCloud means never settling for what you know. Everyone learns on the job and continues to develop their skills. New platforms, languages, libraries, tools, and techniques are always emerging. The ability to learn quick to find innovative ways to solve problems is the norm. You don't need to know everything, but you will need to learn fast.
Finally, you must get things done. Taking responsibility for your work is essential to working together as a team. No one wants to deal with a weak link and if you can't follow through and get the job done, then other strengths doesn't matter. Everyone is working hard to build a product to help our clients and, in the end, the software must ship.

You will have to learn:
? React
? GIS/Mapping/Geolocation
? Microservices using kubernetes, docker, ...
? Cloud storage with object, file, or block storage like S3, EBS, Ceph, Gluster, ...
? Commercial cloud providers: Amazon, Google Computer, Azure, ...
? Big data processing using MapReduce, Spark, Hadoop, ...

What you will do when you start
? Setup accounts and security access
? Get a development environment running
? Learn the task management and iteration tools
? Integrate into the team, participate in daily meetings, reviews, and team responsibilities
At one month
? Fix basic issues
? Undergo the code review/regression testing process
? Participate in iteration planning
At 3-6 months
? Fix moderate issues
? Understand the deployment process and software stack
? Work on enhancements and new functionality
? Learn basic GIS terms and tools
? Deploy to beta servers
At 6-12 months
? Fix advanced issues
? Learn about bare metal vs microservice deployments
? Able to conduct code reviews with other developers

? Able to deploy to production servers
? Able to help with server maintenance and investigate issues on the production servers
AmigoCloud provides many benefits. We allow for Flexible Work hours, paid vacation, good pay, a great team to work with, and lots of growth opportunity.
Many of our employees have gone on to work for larger companies. For example two of our developers started working with us in Peru, and are now working for Google. As long as you meet the requirements, we can also work toward bringing you to the United States, if that is in your long term goals.
Our technology stack is large and varied. We work on everything from bare metal to cloud services. From small web services to integrating the latest open source libraries and technologies. Working at AmigoCloud allows you to interact will all parts of software development and work with the latest technologies.

AmigoCollect Part-time developer remote (Tecnologías de Información)
2 Vacantes

Lima - Lima (Departamento Lima)


Estudios mínimos Universitario
Carreras 1. Ciencia de la Computación
Requisitos mínimos Required Experience with:
-Python. Django is a plus.
-Javascript and CSS. A Javascript framework is a plus.
-Git and github/gitlab
-Web servers and SSL
-A strong background in Computer Science
-Web technologies and standards such as HTML, REST, CSS, JSON.


Tipo de contrato Práctica Pre Profesional
Jornada Laboral Part Time

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